Revolutionary, the first cold emulsion
It's the first ever emulsion formulated « by nature » according to the laws of nature … 
What makes it stand out from the others? It's a so-called biomimetic emulsion able to reproduce the nature of the epidermis (the hydrolipid film at the surface of the skin). 
What is the epidermis made up of?  Seen through the microscope, it looks like a «patchwork » of water molecules (sweat glands) and oil molecules (sebaceous glands) next to one another, since oil and water don't mix!  This is why every hot cosmetic production process resorts to a chemical binder (a surfactant, more or less irritating to the epidermis) in order to ensure the binding of the ingredients of the formula in the aqueous phase (about 80%) with those in the oily phase.   

Experelle says NO ... and invents a cold-produced Cosmetic, in accordance with the laws of nature...
…  Experelle has created the first beauty cream, the production of which was inspired by the skin's hydrolipid film. 

How is it possible?  Thanks to a feat of biotechnology, thousands of microcapsules enable the isolation of the ingredients in the aqueous phase from those in the oily phase. Naturally protected from any risk of oxidation, the formula's precious active ingredients preserve their properties of effectiveness intact, they are not heated.

The benefits of this new Active, Ethical and Chic Cosmetic
All the pleasure of an effective, healthy and ecological cosmetic, bursting with an exceptional vital energy for the skin day after day :
the skin revitalizes itself
 : In perfect harmony with the water in which the cells bathe, bioactive Cellular Water improves the skin's physiological hydration and communicates its vital energy. 

. the skin protects itself  : This so-called Pickering « non chemical» emulsion strengthens the « shield» function of the epidermis, which becomes more resistant to free radical aggression. 
the skin energizes itself
 : Bursting with natural ingredients, the skin and the cosmetic work together, both communicating the same biological language.


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