Experelle innovates : 5 Serum Optimisers to personalise your skin care.  
As a genuine concentrate of patented active ingredients, each serum is formulated to meet a specific need of the skin according to its age. The serum has a fluid texture which facilitates deep down penetration and optimises the effectiveness of the skin care. It is the ideal solution for a skin which shows signs of fatigue at each change of season, during moments of stress, or hormonal change,... 

Which serum, for whom ?  

According to the age and needs of the skin, 5 Serum Optimisers provide a targeted and effective solution, for preventive, corrective or regenerative action :
the Pre-Activator Concentrate Serum  to boost the skin's vital functions                                                     discover
the Perfection Serum  to soothe hypersensitivity and correct redness                                                         discover 

 the Light Concentrated Serum  to boost radiance of the complexion and correct pigmentation spots         discover
 the Hydrating Concentrate Serum  to plump up the skin and hydrate with a good dose of hyaluronic acid discover
.  the Youth Concentrated Serum  to redraw the contour of the face and smooth wrinkles                                  discover

5 intelligent serums  = 5 concentrated active substances  = 5 targeted objectives  
These original serums have been formulated to act or not in synergy with the Galvanic Expert III device, which uses a high performance stimulation process. Depending on the needs of the skin, a choice of two applications, according to two different protocols:  
Serum + skin care cream  

Serum + Galvanic Expert III + skin care cream  

The Galvanic Expert III, the expert home treatment  

From a detoxification to ensure a deep down cleansing to a stimulation of connective tissue to combat signs of ageing of the skin, the Galvanic Expert III revives the skin in a 100% natural way. Working in harmony with the First Vintage range, this stimulation emits a personalised exchange of ions + and  -  in the deep layers of the skin.  

  Which serum, for which age?
From 25 years old  even if the skin is nicely plumped, smooth and rich in collagen I and in elastin, fibroblast activity is beginning to decrease which slows down the production of collagen and elastin. The skin is already losing its tone. 

And when free radical aggression is added, the phenomenon of premature ageing is accelerated. At all ages the use of Pre-Activator Concentrate Serum provides genuine active protection, like a « super shield » against premature ageing. As for the Perfection Serum, also at all ages, it can be a soft and soothing reponse, just like a «  second skin », to problems of excessive redness on the skin. Use for 1 to 2 months, 2 to 3 times a year, during cold and hot seasons. 
   Between 30 and 40 years old, the skin is begining to lose its tone. Fibroblast activity is decreasing, collagen and elastin production is slowing down, the skin is slowly starting its process of loss of hydration. The appearance of fine lines shows the first signs of skin ageing. The Hydrating Concentrate Serum recharges the skin's reserves in hyaluronic acid. Naturally present in the organism, it is capable of water retention equivalent to 900 times its own weight ! Recommanded for weakened or temporarily dehydrated skin, use for a minimum of 2 months or continuously, once or twice a day.
. From 45 onwards, cell renewal is beginning to slow down, the boost of a concentrated serum is essential to reactivate the youth proteins. The daily use of Youth Concentrated Serum is advised, alternating with Hydrating Concentrate Serum. Alternate with the serum specific to the needs of the skin, according on the seasons..
. From the menopause, apply a serum morning and evening before the skin care cream. If there are dark spots or the complexion lacks radiance, the Light Concentrated Serum is recommended in the morning before the day cream. In the evening, apply the Youth Concentrated Serum before your skin care cream. 

When to apply the serum 
Depending on the serum, favour an application morning and/or evening, but always before the day or night cream. For example, for protective action against free radicals or soothing action for sensitive skin, it is better to apply the serum in the morning.

How to apply the serum
Having thoroughly washed your hands, press the serum once onto the fingertips of the left hand and then again once onto the fingertips of the right hand. Then use the the fingertips of both hands to apply the serum using light and repeated pressure on the right and left side of the face. 
Use in combination with the Galvanic Expert III 
1 to  2 times/week, preferably in the evening. 
- Cleanse the face and finish by spraying anti-ageing water,
- Spread the serum generously, select the adapted skin care programme, then proceed with the 2-minute preset Galvanic massage

- During the massage, reapply the serum if necessary before its total penetration 
- Apply your skin care cream 
Used regularly, the Expert III device guarantess visible results.

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