A new generation of Active Cosmetics...
Experelle invents a cosmetic which is Active & Effective, Ethical & Respectful, Chic & Glamourous, and is quite UNIQUE. Totally diffferent from the others, here is what makes it stand out:

Water as the main ingredient of the cosmetics

The list of ingredients of a cosmetic generally begins with the term « Aqua », the official denomination of water in the international Nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients. This list, called INCI, classifies all the ingredients of the formula, from the highest to the lowest rate. Did you know that on average a beauty cream is composed of 80% inert distilled water? !

Difficult to imagine... more than 3/4 of "sterile" ingredients in our beauty creams!

Considering this very high percentage of water, it is a real handicap to display the percentages of the active ingredients on the label. This lack of transparency towards the customer is now understandable. When Experelle legibly displays + 90% of active ingredients on average on its cosmetic formulae, this % of active ingredients represents on average 5 to 10% for conventional cosmetics!  So, even if some cosmetics claim to be natural, the fact remains that inert water remains the predominantly
"dead" ingredient of their formula and it is devoid of all cosmetic properties!

The incomparable properties of bioactive Cellular Water
Original and totally pure, Cellular Water is obtained from freshly gathered ORGANIC plants. This plant-based water preserves all its properties in its pure form, it is filtered by the roots of the plant, without being denatured by man, nor even by chemical substances...  

. Water really a source of life 
Still living, this precious water acts like a messenger from the plant's cell memory to the skin's ecosystem. In the heart of the cells, Cellular Water communicates its vital energy and prepares the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the cosmetic formula.

. Powerful skin hydration 
Tested by corneometry*, the results of Cellular Water confirm the remarkable progression of the physiological hydration rate.

Analysis of the results

. T+1 hour : The hydration penetrates into the skin, it is the skin's vital axis. This rapid penetration is the sign of a perfect assimilation of the Cellular Water by the skin (it doesn't remain on the surface).
. From T+1.30 hour to T+48 hours
: After 90 minutes, the skin is thoroughly hydrated. The deep layers release the excess water for surface hydration (comfort hydration). 

test taux hydratation Eau cellulaire

Attributes of hydrating effectiveness
T + 1 hour        :  - 6 %
T + 1.30 hour  : + 4 %
T + 24 hours    : + 18.17%
T + 48 hours    : + 18.09%

* Instrumental measurement of skin hydration,
test conducted on 25 individuals.

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