Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Experelle natural cosmetics and the others ?
Really active
, the Experelle range can be distinguished by its ultra-powerful formulae filled with natural active ingredients mostly gathered in France

                                natural ingredients*
                                including on average +90% active ingredients*

                                7 patents 

Cellular water is of biological quality and white grapes are grown using the CEVE method
(100% natural production by water stimulation, which reactivates the soil, recreates microbial life
and restores the immune functions to the vine. Guaranteed pesticide-free).

** Active cosmetics 3 times more concentrated in natural ingredients, compared to the average rate in conventional cosmetics.

Why are the Experelle cosmetics so different from all the other cosmetics ?

Totally revolutionary, Experelle innovates with its very first biomimetic cosmetics.
In what way are they so different?  Naturally inspired by the skin's ecosystem, it is no longer up to the skin to adapt to the cosmetics, but the reverse...  It is the birth of the first emulsion endowed with a perfect biological affinity with the skin.
Understand the skin in order to better understand biomimetic emulsion

The skin has its own ecosystem which distinctly secretes a lipid solution (fat) and an aqueous solution (water) on the surface of the epidermis. Also called hydrolipidic film. The skin's surface is comparable to a "patchwork" of oil and water molecules, which do not mix. Composed of fat content (mainly sebum), produced by sebaceous glands in the dermis and of water drawn from sweat and produced by sweat glands (also to be found in the dermis)

The main assets of biomimetic emulsion

=> Isolate the active lipid ingredients (essential fatty acids,…) from the active aqueous ingredients by protecting them in thousands of microcapsules. Unlike classic hot emulsions, the skin is not obliged to sort, and its energy can remain concentrated on its beauty.

=> Release the active ingredients progressively on contact with the skin up to several hours following the application

=> Preserve the cosmetic benefits intact.

=> Cold production, low carbon footprint for minimum environmental impact

Who are Experelle natural cosmetics aimed at?

Experelle takes care of all skin types, from adolescence up to full maturity. Preventive anti-ageing care meets the needs of young skin, in order to prolong its precious youthfulness, and cares for mature skin, by improving its appearance while slowing down the effects of time. It is important to realise that when we are 20, we prepare our skin for when we are 30, when we are 30, we prepare our skin for when we are 40, … Premature ageing is not inevitable, we can preserve our youthful appearance for longer.

How does this Active Cosmetic work?

The blood alone irrigates all the body organs including the skin. If Experelle has developed two key active ingredients in its range - extract of grape polypeptides and Cellular water -  it is precisely to improve the microcirculation of the blood and optimise the quality of cellular exchange in the skin. Vital, it is the secret to a skin which is perfectly irrigated in essential nutrients to guarantee beauty, health and longevity.

Why will this Active Cosmetic change the destiny of your skin? 
Because every individual is unique, through their genetic heritage, their habits of personal, cosmetic and food hygiene, this Active Cosmetic delivers a concentration of powerful active ingredients to the heart of the skin. This different cosmetic aims to rebalance and even reeducate the metabolic pathways of cells which are dormant or asphyxiated by synthetic ingredients. Therefore, depending on the energy status of the skin, a period of adaptation can prove necessary for one type of skin, and not another... This is the result of positive stimulaton, action = reaction !

What may be the effects of this positive stimulation?

The strong concentration of active substances can be accompanied by a slight tingling sensation and/or temporary redness during the first applications. Imagine the skin cells woken up with a start one morning ... These skin effects are the expression of the effectiveness of the cosmetic, they activate the production of 
hyaluronic acid and collagen, while protecting the elastin for longer-lasting more youthful skin …

What should I do if I feel some tingling or discomfort as soon as I begin applying the product?
The transition to this new Active Cosmetic can lead to some tingling and/or temporary redness from the first days of application (2 to 6 days), don't panic …. It is simply a good sign, the metabolic awakening of the skin. In fact, some skin imperfections can also be the sign of the DETOX effect, through the evacuation of toxins. If this is the case, begin by accustoming the skin with the Cleansing milk by massaging with the fingers or on a cotton pad, then apply the skincare cream adapted to your skin type. When this tingling or redness has disappeared, complete your skin care with the First Vintage range.
Healthy and safe, hypoallergenic cosmetic, subject to allergy tests under dermatalogical control.

How often should I use Experelle cosmetics?
With each passing day the skin needs
the utmost care to be beautiful and remain so day after day  : cleanse, protect, moisturize, nourish and even stimulate according to age, it's the golden rule. After make-up removal or skin cleansing, apply the skincare cream daily morning and/or evening and according to the specific needs of your skin. It is advised to apply a serum before the cream. Throughout the year, I recommend the use of Pre-activate Concentrate Serum 1 to 2 times a week, preferably with the Galvanic device. Its toxin-flushing effect makes it an excellent treatment for preserving the balance and beauty of the skin day after day.

Why can a sensation of dry skin appear at the start of the treatment?
In perfect affinity, the biomimetic cosmetic communicates with the skin cells deep down. During the first month, a dry effect on the surface can be felt temporarily, this is the sign of deep down rehydration. After 1 month of application (duration of the cell renewal cycle), the natural hydration mechanism is stimulated and the skin recovers its balance.

Why combine GALVANIC treatment with one of the Experelle serums ?
This professional quality treatment aims to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. This treatment could be qualified as facial gymnastics, like a muscle, which enables the stimulation of the skin's forgotten functions... Some feelings of heating and/or momentary redness are possible if the skin's micr
ocirculation is "dormant", or if the cells are no longer really used or function slowly. OBJECTIVE : microcirculatory tone will once again facilitate cellular exchange.

How often and for how long should you use the Galvanic Expert III ?
1 to 2 times a week for programme 1 DETOX
2 to 3 times a week for the programmes
For each programme, the duration is preset at 2 minutes, which corresponds to the half-face galvanic massage, or 4 minutes for the full face. The session should be planned once in the day for a maximum of 12 minutes of positive stimulation in total with 1 or 2 different serums from the First Vintage range.

How should you choose your Galvanic treatment ?

The essential treatment for all skin types : programme 1 DETOX which cleanses deep down and optimises the skin care results
. Depending on the skin's needs, it is conceivable to follow up use with one or two First Vintage serums.
for example : the Pre-activated Concentrate Serum, programme 1, then the Perfection Serum, programme 2 OR the Hydrating Concentrate Serum, programme 3 then theYouth Concentrated Serum, programme 4, …. 

Please note, the PERFECTION Serum and LIGHT CONCENTRATED Serum are not compatible one after the other. Their effects cancel one another out. 

Morning or evening, is there a preference for the galvanic massage ?

Favour the galvanic massage in the evening for a better assimilation of the active ingredients during the night. During the first applications some temporary redness may appear following the stimulation of the lymphatic microcirculation. These skin effects are the expression of the deep down activation of epidermic cells.

What sensations do we have during the use of the Galvanic Expert III ?

During programmes 1, 2 and 3, alternative micro-vibrations can be felt, whereas programme 4 emits a double ionisation by very slight tingling. During the first ap
plications, it is advised to select LOW mode (low intensity) then, depending on the skin's sensitivity, increase the intensity progressively to HIGH mode (high intensity).

Why can the skin feel dry after the galvanic massage ?
The galenic of the serum is studied for optimal water penetration in the epidermis (deep down hydration), which can generate a dry effect at the surface.
For people experiencing this, it is a sign of excellent deep down hydration. It is recommended to spray preferably Anti-ageing Water on the face before, during and after the galvanic massage, then finish by applying your Experelle skin care cream.

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