Our Story

Experelle, Natural Expertise, Excellence for her


It is in the heart of Brittany, between Earth, Sea and the Fringes of the Nantes vineyards that an Active, Ethical and Chic Cosmetic history was born.

After several years in a laboratory producing organic cosmetics, we wanted to go further, pursue our dreams and take up a challenge. Create the first beauty cream inspired by the laws of nature...

With the help of an experienced team of 
scientists and engineers, the VINICOSM’ETHIQUE care line was created. This is the signature of a contemporary, authentic and highly unusual cosmetic, combining Pleasure, Respect and Effectiveness, like a new natural way of being beautiful ...

Guided by generosity and a desire to give pleasure to the senses, we have developed these beauty treatments, effective concentrates derived from nature, to render body and mind sublime ...

Moments of pure well-being provided by evanescent textures, unusual sensations, an ultra-soft touch and subtle fragrances.

Frédérique and Dominique DELARCHE, the creators.


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